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Actual Horror Movie: Teen Wolf

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If we went down today, we’d probably be down for good.
                                          But now we have a chance to  s u r v i v e .  

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Mesmerizing cinemagraphs by Strasbourg, France-based freelancer Julien Douvier.

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Season 3 didn’t go so well, Sam.  Just saying.

The past month has been bleh, but hopefully I’ll be drawing more quality comics like this one in the near future.

Dean and cas are like. Omg. Stop touching me.

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Dean Winchester + Variations [insp]

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Battle-tested, Captain America and his Howling Commandos quickly earned their stripes. Their mission: taking down HYDRA, a Nazi rogue deep science division. Barnes is the only Howling Commando to give his life in service of his country.

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Po meczu z Brazylią: Michał Kubiak

English translation: (by @formationlap, thanks so much kochana!)

1. [you woke up this morning, what was your first thought?] I said we’d win against Brazil
2. We beat practically all the best teams in the world, nobody gave us anything for free. That’s what we’re most happy about.
3. New challenges? Right now the new challenge is to get to the locker room.
4. We’re all happy to be world champions. We’re happy that each of us in the team could be there and do their bit in this incredibly tough tournament.

Would you even want a solo Hawkeye film, or are you happy to have him in an ensemble?



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